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Ownership Information

Glenda Nadeau – President

P.O. Box #77

Harrington Harbour, Qc

G0G 1N0

William Kigar – Vice President

P.O. Box #39

Harrington Harbour, Qc

G0G 1N0

Rebecca Ransom – Secretary

P.O. Box #64

Harrington Harbour, Qc

G0G 1N0

Lois Jones – Member

P.O. Box #13

Harrington Harbour, Qc

G0G 1N0

Maurice Nadeau – Member

P.O. Box #6

Harrington Harbour, Qc

G0G 1N0

Cheryl Bobbitt – Member

P.O. Box #9

Harrington Harbour, Qc

G0G 1N0

Kate Nadeau – Manager

P.O. Box #6

Harrington Harbour, Qc

G0G 1N0

Legal Information


Abridged Renewal - Radio Stations - Form 146


General Instructions




File electronically via My CRTC Account by attaching the application to the cover page. My CRTC Account allows you to securely submit documents to the Commission with a user ID and password. Therefore, a signature is not required when using My CRTC Account. Applicants who file their application in this manner are not required to submit a hard copy of the application and its related documents.


Applicants who need further information relative to CRTC processes can contact a Commission specialist at 1-866-781-1911.




The following questionnaire is in HTML format and may be downloaded to the word processing software of your choice. This enables you to complete the downloaded questionnaire by inserting your response in bold letters immediately following the question. You may add lines to the tables if necessary but do not alter or delete any text from the questionnaire.


The application must be divided into sections as set out in the questionnaire and include the numbered questions followed by the corresponding response. Responses must be provided, at a minimum, in a size 10 font.


1. General Information


Type of station:


·         AM undertaking ( ) FM undertaking (X)


·         Commercial or ethnic ( ); Campus ( ); Community ( ); Native ( ); Other ( ) _______


Call sign and location of undertaking (e.g. XXXX-FM locality, Province):______________








1.1 Identification of applicant


*Name of licensee: Radio Communautaire de Harrington Harbour

 *Address: P.O. Box #88

 *City: Harrington Harbour

 *Province/Territory: Quebec

 *Postal code: G0G 1N0

 *Telephone: 418-795-3349

 *Fax: 418-795-3200



Contact person representing the applicant


Name: Kate Nadeau

 Title: Manager

 Telephone: 418-795-3349



1.2 Appointment of designated representative


I, _________________________, the applicant, hereby designate____________________ as my designated representative for and on my behalf and in my name to sign, file and complete (if necessary) an application with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and to sign and file a reply with respect thereto and I do hereby ratify, confirm and adopt as my own act, such application and all replies made thereto.



 At: Example: city, province

 Signature (a signature is not required when submitting electronically):

 Address of designated representative:






1.3 Declaration of the applicant or its designated representative


I,* __Kate Nadeau_____________________________ , solemnly declare that:


·         I am the designated representative of the applicant named in this application brief and as such have knowledge of all matters declared therein.


·         The statements made in this application or in any document filed pursuant to any request for further information by the Commission are (will be) to the best of my knowledge and believed to be true in all respects.


·         The opinions and estimates given in this application or in any document filed pursuant to any request for further information by the Commission are (will be) based on facts as known to me.


·         I have examined the provisions of the Broadcasting Act and the broadcasting regulations and policies relevant to this application.


And I have signed


Signature (a signature is not required when submitting electronically):

 Date: 07/15/2014


Witnessed by


Signature (a signature is not required when submitting electronically):

 Name: Lois Jones

 Date: 07/15/2014

 At: Harrington Harbour, Quebec


1.4 Obtaining a copy of the application


Submit a website address or email address where an electronic copy of the application can be requested:










1.5 Standard conditions of licence


Please refer to the following Broadcasting Regulatory Policies or Public Notice applicable to radio stations:


·         Commercial radio stations – Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2009-62 – Conditions of licence for commercial AM and FM radio stations


·         Campus and community radio stations – Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2012-304 – Standard conditions of licence for campus and community radio stations


·         Public Notice CRTC 2001-70 – Changes to conditions of licence for certain native radio undertakings


The licensee is hereby requesting the renewal of the licence under the same terms and conditions as those in the current licence and under the terms and conditions noted in the applicable policy or notice listed above.


(X) Yes      ( ) No      If no and you are seeking amendments to your station’s licence, you will need to submit a separate application using the appropriate form(s) [i.e. Form 301 for changes to conditions of licence and Form 303 for technical amendments].  Please note that any amendment application may be processed separately from the renewal application.


1.6 Other application(s) before the Commission


Is there one or more application before the Commission regarding this undertaking?


(  ) Yes.  If yes, specify the application number(s) or provide a short description of the application(s)(e.g. technical amendment, amendment to conditions of licence, ownership transaction).


(X) No


2. Programming


2.1 Broadcast of programming in each broadcast week


In each broadcast week(1), the licensee will broadcast a total of _40__ hours of programming.


(1) “Broadcast week” means seven consecutive broadcast days, beginning on Sunday and cannot exceed 126 hours. “Broadcast day” means the total number of hours devoted to broadcasting for a period beginning at six o’clock in the forenoon and ending at midnight on the same day.


2.2 Local programming


The definition of local programming shall be as set out in paragraphs 207 and 208 of Broadcasting Public Notice 2006-158, as amended from time to time.


The licensee commits to providing a minimum of _15____ hours _____ minutes of local programming in each broadcast week. In making this commitment, the licensee undertakes to broadcast local news, weather and sports, to promote local events, and to provide spoken word content that meets the particular needs and interests of the communities it is licensed to serve.


2.3 Other source of programming


In each broadcast week, the licensee will broadcast a total of _____ hours of programming that originate from another source (i.e. is not considered to be “local” programming). [Note: the number of hours:minutes specified in sections 2.2 and 2.3 must be equal to those specified in 2.1 above.]  The other source(s) of programming will be as follow(s):


Originating source’s name (e.g. network, syndicated show, other station)


Type of programming (e.g. music show, news programming, etc.)


Duration (i.e. hours:minutes per broadcast week)



3. Employment equity and On-air presence


Information relating to employment equity is available in Implementation of an employment equity policy, Public Notice CRTC 1992-59, 1 September 1992, and Amendments to the Commission's Employment Equity Policy, Public Notice CRTC 1997-34, 2 April 1997.


The Commission requires that the applicant respond to questions regarding employment equity on behalf of the undertaking as a whole, with reference to all of its employees in aggregate; that is, employees of all undertakings for which it holds licences.


Information relating to on-air presence and voice-overs is set out in Consultations Regarding On-air Job Categories to be Included in the Employment Equity Plans of Broadcasters, Public Notice CRTC 1994-69, 10 June 1994, and Amendment to Reporting Requirements for Employment Equity in On-air Positions, Public Notice CRTC 1995-98, 19 June 1995.


(   ) The licensee is subject to the Employment Equity Act (applicable to federally-regulated employers with 100 or more employees).  The licensee keeps a record of the total number and percentage of on-air employees (full-time, part-time and temporary), including voice-overs, from each designated group, as well as the total number of all on-air employees who were employed in the last year.  A copy of this record is available upon request.




(X) The licensee has less than 100 employees and has in place an employment equity plan that includes policies and procedures relating to on-air presence and voice-overs.  This plan is available upon request.


4. Cultural diversity


When the Commission refers to cultural diversity, it is referring to the inclusion of groups that have been traditionally under-represented in broadcasting: ethno-cultural minorities, Aboriginal peoples, as well as persons with disabilities. Such under-representation includes these groups’ presence and portrayal on the air and their participation in the industry.


As set out in Canadian Association of Broadcasters Best Practices for Diversity in Private Radio; Reporting requirements on cultural diversity for commercial radio operators, Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2007-122, 2 November 2007 (Broadcasting Public Notice 2007-122), the Commission expects all radio broadcasters to follow the Canadian Association of Broadcasters' best practices for diversity in radio in order to incorporate and reflect the reality of Canada's ethno-cultural minorities, Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities in their programming.


4.1 Has the licensee taken steps to implement these best practices, and will implement its planned initiatives in the next licence term?


(X) Yes   ( ) No


If NO, explain why:


4.2  For the purpose of meeting the reporting requirements established in Broadcasting Public Notice 2007-122, the licensee is a [please choose only one] large (  )medium (  )small (  ) radio operator, in accordance with the definitions set out in paragraph 22 of the same notice, and it will comply with the corresponding reporting requirement.


5. Ownership


5.1 To be completed by commercial, ethnic, native and specialty radio stations:


Has the ownership information relating to the licensee and the legal entities forming part of its ownership structure, been filed and reviewed by the Commission since January 2012?


Yes ( )



No  ( )        If you select no, you must file the current ownership information and attach in an appendix entitled “APP - Appendix 5 – Ownership information”. Proceed to Section 6.


5.2 To be completed by community and campus radio stations:


Has the complete information pertaining to the directors and officers of the licensee been filed and reviewed by the Commission since June 2014?


Yes ( )


No (X)If no, you must file a list of the current  Directors and Officers (including the Chief Executive Officer) of the licensee, together with their complete home address, citizenship and position held, and attach in an appendix entitled “APP - Appendix 5 – Ownership information”.


6. Designation of information as confidential


If you have appended to this application the civic number, street name and postal code of the residential address of individual shareholders, directors and officers, you may designate this information as confidential.  Please consult the Procedures for filing confidential information and requesting its disclosure in Commission proceedings, Broadcasting and Telecom Information Bulletin 2010-961, for further details.


Do you wish to designate the said information as confidential?


Yes ( )  No (X)


If yes: You must file both ABRIDGED and CONFIDENTIAL versions of the document containing this information.


·         The ABRIDGED (public) version must be identical to the confidential version, except for the absence of the street name & number, and postal code.


·         The CONFIDENTIAL version of the document must be filed separately and entitled “APP -Appendix 6 – CONFIDENTIAL”.


Book of supporting documents



Appendix Number and Name


5 - Ownership Information:  YES


6 – Confidential document:  YES



CRTC 146 (2014-06-12) - Abridged Renewal – Radio Stations


***End of Document***



Notice of Consultation 2015-51

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Broadcasting to the communities of Harrington Harbour, Kegaska, Chevery, Mutton Bay & La Tabatiere.

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G0G 1N0
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